Helping clients with workplace behaviour

December 18, 2013

Inappropriate and unlawful behaviour in the workplace takes many forms. It takes the form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, workplace violence and victimisation. Such behaviour is no different to theft. Sometimes it even looks like ‘harmless fun’ in the practice of joke telling or office gossip, as well as inappropriate use of social media. It may result in major costs to your business. It frightens away your best employees and silences the eager and the earnest people in your organisation. Bullies in the workplace can rob your organisation of the best people.

Our Workplace Behaviour Consulting Services focus on identifying the ‘causes’ of inappropriate workplace behaviour by working collaboratively with directors and senior management, in implementing the sustainable solutions. Our clients benefit from our independent and co-ordinated solutions:


DomThis consulting service is headed up by Dominic Lallo, a lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. He has practiced extensively in workplace behaviour including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, workplace violence, victimisation, discrimination and the impact of such behaviours on employers. Having worked for major insurers, private and government organisations, defendant and plaintiff legal firms, Dominic’s professional experience is unique. He is an expert in developing proactive approaches in the management and prevention of inappropriate behaviour. He has a proven track record in consulting to directors and major organisations.



SandyWe are also pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Sandy Hirschfield of Real Resolutions effective from January 2014. Sandy is an experienced Psychologist, Mediator, Human Resources Consultant and Collaborative Practitioner. She is passionate about helping clients with respectful and constructive processes that empower and support individuals to resolve workplace conflict,  through mediation, coaching and counselling. Sandy brings a combined skill from over 20 years of experience across a range of industries, which addresses the complexities of HR, management, personality and behavioural causes of workplace issues, having previously worked as a HR Manager and organisational psychologist. As a nationally accredited mediator, Sandy has successfully resolved workplace conflict, related to allegations of bullying and harassment, ensuring all parties have a voice in a dignified process.