LS Partners’ investigation practice is composed of six core services:

Workers’ compensation investigations

LS Partners is recognised for its extensive experience and expertise in conducting workers’ compensation investigations for the relevant state authorities, Comcare, insurers, self-insurers and their legal providers.

LS Partners' factual investigations are managed by a Senior Legal Counsel who has the litigation experience and knowledge of the legislation. This ensures clients receive high quality reports required for these statutory based schemes.

LS Partners specialise in the following areas:

Insurance Investigations

The focus of the Insurance Investigations Services is to assist insurers and their legal advisors in the claims management process. This is done by providing reliable, comprehensive and independent information that is delivered in a timely and professional manner.

LS Partners role is to ascertain the facts in an open and direct manner by trained professionals. To that end, LS Partners' factual investigators are an extension of the clients’ service delivery to its customers.

LS Partners' insurance investigations services include:

Surveillance Investigations

LS Partners has a proven track record as one of the most professional surveillance investigators in the insurance investigation industry.

LS Partners' government licensed and trained private investigators conduct discreet and confidential observations of Claimant’s actions and physical activities, which are recorded on video in accordance with the legal requirements of the Surveillance Devices Act, The Privacy Legislation, Industry and Clients’ Codes of Conduct.

These surveillance investigation services operate in the following key areas:

Online Investigations

LS Partners online investigations has the dedicated management and technical resources to provide clients with cost effective results in:

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

LS Partners SIU team members have extensive experience in conducting corporate and insolvency/bankruptcy fraud.

The unit offers a unique blend of professional experience in law, accounting and law enforcement to investigate complex fraud and highly sensitive internal disciplinary matters.

SIU team members specialise in:

Process serving

LS Partners utilises its proven quality case management systems in the delivery of legal documents on the behalf of legal firms.

In doing so, the key points of difference in the Process Serving practice are: