The leaders of our practice have a wide range of professional backgrounds and industry experience.


Vincent Quattropani BEc, CA, MAHRI
Managing Director
Vincent had a twelve year career with Arthur Andersen where he gained extensive experience in audit, fraud and due diligence investigations in Australia, Europe and USA. He was also head of the firm's Financial Consulting Practice in Adelaide during a period of significant growth. Vincent joined the insurance investigation industry in 1996. Utilising his extensive professional experience, he developed an outstanding business track record in implementing quality management practices and innovative systems within the industry. Vincent’s combined business acumen and investigation experience is a key point of difference in LS Partners’ capabilities in meeting the needs of insurers, legal firms, large corporations and government agencies. Vincent is responsible for the national development of the business.
e: vincent.quattropani@lspartners.com.au 
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Steve Castrisios LLB, BComSteve Castrisios
Managing Director
Steve practiced as a Barrister and Solicitor in Hobart, specialising in insurance litigation until 1995 before he joined the industry as a Factual Investigator. Steve became the owner-manager of LS & Associates in 2003 and developed it as the leading insurance investigation practice in Tasmania. Steve has an outstanding background in factual investigations in all areas of the practice. He is often called upon to investigate complex medical and other professional negligence claims as well as personal injury matters and special investigations. Steve is a member of numerous insurance and other professional associations and has participated as a panel expert in government advisory bodies. Steve has also undertaken extensive fraud investigation and related training.  Steve holds a practicing certificate as a barrister and solicitor.
e: steve.castrisios@lspartners.com.au  
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DominicDominic Lallo BJuris LLB
Senior Legal Counsel
Workplace Behaviour Consulting Services

Dominic is a lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has practiced extensively in workplace behaviour including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, workplace violence, victimisation, discrimination and the impact of such behaviours on employers. Having worked for major insurers, private and government organisations, defendant and plaintiff legal firms, Dominic’s professional experience is unique. He is an expert in developing proactive approaches in the management and prevention of inappropriate behaviour. He has a proven track record in consulting to directors and major organisations. Dominic joined LS Partners in 2013 to establish the Workplace Behaviour Consulting Services practice.
e: dominic.lallo@lspartners.com.au 


Amy Cadusch LLBAmy Cadusch
Senior Legal Counsel
Workplace & Liability Investigations
Amy has been a qualified solicitor since 1999 with litigation experience in workers’ compensation, CTP, public liability and general insurance claims. Amy previously worked as a lawyer with TAC Law, Ligeti Partners and Herbert Geer, specialising in statutory benefits and common law litigation. She joined a national investigation company in 2008 to manage the firm’s common law investigation practice. Amy joined LS Partners in 2013 to head up its Workplace and Liability Investigation services. Amy is extensively involved in the training and development of the firm’s Insurance Assessing Team. Amy also conducts investigations on highly sensitive and complex matters as part of our Workplace Behaviour Consulting Services. 
e: amy.cadusch@lspartners.com.au
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SandySandy Hirschfield BEd Psych
Mediator, Psychologist
Sandy Hirschfield is a nationally registered Psychologist and member of AHPRA, with over 20 years’ experience as a Psychologist and Human Resource Manager. Sandy is also a nationally accredited Mediator and has spent 15 years providing dispute resolution services across a broad range of disputes. Sandy is an expert in mediation, conflict management and coaching and is a highly regarded practitioner. Sandy draws on the cumulative skills and experience gained from working in private sector as a Counsellor and then in Human Resources. Sandy joined LS Partners at the start of 2014 as an integral part of the Workplace Behaviour Consulting Team providing workplace conflict resolution services offering a range of alternate dispute resolution options, including mediation, management coaching, counselling and training.
e: sandy.hirschfield@lspartners.com.au



Anne RobsonAnne Robson
General Manager (Tas)
Anne worked in numerous senior insurance claims management positions with national workers' compensation insurers. Anne has extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation and associated legislation. She was a founding board member of the Injury Management Co-ordinators Association of Tasmania and holds the significant and sought after Independent Medical Co-ordinator Certificate accredited by WorkCover. Anne has worked as a General Insurance claims case manager and holds a Certificate III in Finance. As the General Manager, Anne is responsible for the overall running of our investigation operations in Tasmania. Anne’s experience as someone who previously provided instructions to investigation companies allows to quickly realise the needs of our clients and respond appropriately.
 e: anne.robson@lspartners.com.au 


Stephanie Mathews BAStephanie Mathews
General Manager (NSW)
Stephanie completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New England in NSW which included studies in Law and Psychology. Stephanie is a licensed investigator and holds a Certificate III in Investigative Services. Stephanie’s professional experience includes working for a legal firm, case management for a major life insurer and an insurance investigations company. Prior to commencing with LS Partners in 2011, was the NSW Factual Investigations Manager of a national investigation company, gaining extensive experience in workplace and liability investigations. Stephanie is the first point of contact on all our NSW matters. Her national responsibilities include LS Partners’ technical policies/procedures and the LS Connect case management system and its training program for investigators and assessors.
e: stephanie.matthews@lspartners.com.au
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Hayden LaceHayden Lace
Manager - Online Investigations & Process Serving
Hayden joined the investigation industry in 2005 and appointed Manager of a processing service practice dealing with a large volume of legal documents being served in Victoria and around Australia. Hayden is up to date with the latest trends in social media, related technology, search engines and a wide range of data bases required to determine the digital footprints of companies and individuals. He joined LS Partners in 2013 following an extensive period of training in internet profiling. Hayden established LS Partners' process serving practice in Victoria. He also provides Online Investigations support services nationally to clients and LS Partners' investigation teams. He is a member of the Association of Investigators and Security Professionals.
e: hayden.lace@lspartners.com.au
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