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Is your organisation at risk of a workplace behaviour complaint?

LS Partners recognises the challenges experienced by company directors and senior managers on how to address this often complex and sensitive area. With over 80 years of combined experience in HR, the law, workers' compensation and investigations,
LS Partners created the online risk assessment tool, WorkhealthIQ™.

WorkhealthIQ™ was specifically designed for directors, HR professionals and senior operational managers. Using five minutes of your time and answering 19 questions, you will receive an immediate assessment on the risk profile of your organisation's workplace behaviour environment.

The algorithm behind the WorkhealthIQ™ scoring matrix was developed by our highly experienced Workplace Behaviour Consulting Team.

Using WorkhealthIQ™

WorkhealthIQ™ is easy to use and provides instant feedback on screen and email.

Simply follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Enter your details
  2. Answer the questions honestly
  3. Receive our analysis on screen and email
  4. Take advantage of our other training resources

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